paulA neves is a Luso-American writer, mixed media artist, educator and Newark native whose work often aims, overtly or otherwise, to honor immigrant forebears whose sacrifices have made much possible. neves is the author of the poetry collection capricornucopia: the dream of the goats (Finishing Line Press 2018) and the co-author (with photographer Nick Kline) of the poetry/photography risograph book Shirts & Skins (Shine Portrait Studio Press 2017). Other writing has appeared in Newest Americans, City Brink, The Acentos Review, Cleaver Magazine, The Abuela Stories Project, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora, and elsewhere. neves teaches for various humanities programs at Rutgers University, and has been a teaching artist-in-residence for the GlassBook Project, with mixed media works exhibited in various of its collections, as well as in shows at Morris Arts, Index Art Center and the West Orange Arts Council. Both neves' writing and art focus on themes of family, identity, immigration, (dis)place(ment), work, loss and spirituality. neves has received fellowships/residencies from CantoMundo, the Sundress Academy for the Arts and the Disquiet International Literary Program, and is a founding member of Kale Soup for the Soul, a collective of Luso-American writers, artists and performers, and of the Brick City Collective of Newark writers, artists and activists. Contact: paula7neves@gmail.com or