Finishing Line Press at Poets' House (Thurs, 5/3/18). Details soon.

Brick City Collective Reading at The Newark Public Library (Thurs, 4/26/18, 6-8pm). Details soon.

Split This Rock Poetry Festival (Sat., 4/21/18 9-10:30am)
Witness and Experience: Luso/Latinx Poets Voicing Brick City Life (Reading)
Presenters: Roberto Carlos Garcia, Marina Carreira, Dimitri Reyes, Hugo Dos Santos, paulA neves, Ysabel Y. Gonzalez (Brick City Collective)

Misogyny is the Root of All Evil, a Multimedia Collaboration, Living Incubator Performance Space, Gateway Center, Newark (4/2/16, 5:00pm)

Dodge Poetry Newark Voices with Poet-in-Residence Patricia Smith, NJ Performing Arts Center (3/18/16, 8:00pm)

What a Facade: Taboo Identities in Luso American Womanhood, Living Incubator Performance Space, Gateway Center, Newark (10/17/15, 2:00pm)

Dodge Poetry Lunchtime Poems, Military Park, Newark (8/11/15, 12:30pm)

Kale Soup for the Soul, Rutgers Newark (2015)
Dodge Poetry Festival, Brick City Voices, Newark (2014)

Metadata: Investigating Poetry as Data, Newark Arts Council and Dodge Poetry Foundation, Newark (10/17/14)

Carr Reading Series, University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana (2014)

PoetsWest Public Radio, Seattle, WA (2014)

Split this Rock Poetry Festival (2014)
The Scars of History: Luso Poetry of Witness
Millicent Borges Accardi, PaulA Neves, Nancy Vieira Couto, Amy Sayre Baptista