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paulA neves poet author artist educator- itinerantmuse
capricornucopia (the dream of the goats)
Finishing Line Press (2018)

neves’ imagination thrives at the rich intersection of Luso-American identity and womanhood, a place where the life-long questions about love, beauty, and loss take shape, and where the compelling journey of the poet’s emotional and intellectual labors originate. Fiercely curious, capricornucopia offers a feast for the discerning taste, each page an exploration “always polishing the surfaces,/ hoping to find what’s underneath” the attractions and motivations of culture, language, and the impassioned heart.–Rigoberto González
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Shirts & Skins

Shine Portrait Studio Press (2017)

Shirts & Skins consists of a series of photographs by Nick Kline depicting horizontal lines composed from a selection of striped shirts worn and owned by paulA neves’ late mother, Maria, and snapshots of these same shirts framed from moments as they were worn in life, accompanied by paulA neves’ poems and essays. It is a meditation on immigration, insularity, acculturation—what it means to be American, mother, father, child, adult, and gendered within inherited legacies of cultural trauma and comfort, with Newark, NJ and its greater metro area’s Portuguese community always a presence. Shirts & Skins considers what it means to be whole and alive in one’s skin.

- selected POEMS -
"School's Out 1975," Pittsburgh Poetry Houses
"Lathe Operator" and "After Hats," City Brink Magazine
"Offerings Ofensas," The Acentos Review
"11th Birthday, The (Almost) Married Guide to Tourist Traps, Train to Lisbon" Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora, Boa Vista Press, 2015
"Nap," Pilgrimage Magazine, 2015
"Utah II," Luna Luna Magazine
"Burning Bussaco," Quiddity International Literary Journal, fall 2013
"Memoir, NJ Turnpike East" The Newark Metro, 2003, 2005

- selected ESSAYS -
"Brick by Brick: Intersections, Part 2," Newest Americans
"The motherboard is dead..." in "You Want it Darker," Kenyon Review
"Anniversary Reels," Queen Mob's Teahouse
"A Fallen Tree," Waiting Room Reader II
"Rita Mae Brown," "Tee Corinne" and "James Dale, Uncommon Heroes

"Precariously Together"- A Woman's Touch, Alyson Books, Valerie Reed, Ed.
"Breathing Lessons," - Early Embraces, Alyson Books, Lindsey Elder, Ed.
The Cafeteria Lady” - Uniform Sex, Alyson Publications, Linnea A. Due, Ed.
“An Exchange of Candles” - All the Ways Home: Parenting in the Lesbian and Gay Community, New Victoria Publishers, Rizzo & Schneiderman, Eds.
"Seven Days in August," - The Body of Love, Banned Books, Tee Corinne, Ed. (out of print).

"Only More So," Cleaver Magazine
"couplets for a shrinking world," Gávea-Brown Journal
"The Captain Asks for a Show of Hands" Whatchu Reading?, Poetry Foundation